Sunday, June 7, 2009


Do you know what this is?
Do you have any idea?
This is a big deal.
This is exciting stuff... except for the part where I drive to Spokane alone at 8 in the morning.
Everything after that is exciting stuff!

My little brother is coming to town. He will be making the trek to good old Kalispell, Montana. Finally he will come and visit me. Finally he will learn what it is that I do up here. 

It's so splendid to see my little brother. Am I excited? Yes! Of course! Will we have fun? Maybe! Of course!

I guess this is something that I wanted everyone to know about.

Also, this is exciting:Since he will be here for the forth of July, I figured we really need to blow some stuff up... like, big time!

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Garren and Jayne said...

Garren does a mean sparkler bom!