Saturday, June 27, 2009

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How often do we go through our days and stop to think, "Self, this could be our last day together." Do you ever stop to realize that perhaps you are living in your final moments? I would be willing to bet that you don't tend to think about that very often.

I'm going to tell you a story. This is not just any story, but this is a story about a turtle. It begins like this:

Seth and I were driving back home from Spokane. My camera wasn't functioning as it should have been, so I pulled off onto some side road so I could troubleshoot the problems. We stopped for a minute, solved the problem, then began on our way. Well, I'm driving, and I see this thing in the middle of the road. It's a turtle. I'm gaining on it quickly, and seeing as how it's a turtle, I'm thinking it probably would not have cleared my way in time had I not stopped. I stopped very quickly, threw on my hazzards (which were pretty unnecessary seeing as how we were on some little, nearly abandoned road) and jumped out of the car. This little turtle was so terrified that his time had come he started micturating all over the place. He was like a water faucet. He just kept going and going and going. It was pretty gross, but I felt really bad for him. He was soooo afraid that he literally wet himself... a lot. Seth picked him up to put him back in his habitat, but that didn't stop our poor little turtle friend from relieving himself. He just tucked into his shell and let it all out onto the pavement. I'm thinking that he had to have been storing up at least a gallon of fluids in his system.

Long story short. We saw a turtle in the road. He was afraid. He wet the floor. Seth threw him in the water.

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