Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is what I do

I stay up late. Perhaps you already know that about me. It is very unfortunate. I have, for a short period of time, managed to not stay up so late. That time has passed on. 

I get asked the question, "What were you doing all night?" to which I don't ever really know how to respond. For the most part, the stuff that I do has little or no substance. It's just me wasting time. 

This blog is to show you one of my favorite things that I do late at night.

For a little while now I have been collecting images off of the internet that I find humorous or thought provoking. Here they are for you viewing pleasure. Thank you digg for many the sleep deprived days in my life.

I will admit, though I do not condone the defacing of property, that I found this to be funny.

No comment

I think I just wanted to know how this would come about.

I like this: @elishaguido Being consumed by flames inside of a burning building. So cool!

Toddlerpede? Yes, yes indeed.

They grow up so fast. Actually, I went through a series of emotions with this one. First I kind of chuckled, then I felt bad, then I was sad.


This image is actually pretty cool if you take the time to look at it. So basically the Hubble telescope sat in one place, looking at one extremely small piece of space (picture), not moving for four months. This is what it captured. Seriously, this is so incredible it blows my mind. These galaxies are the most distant objects ever photographed. What is even cooler is that the largest galaxy in this image is so large (containing eight times as many stars as the milky way) it technically shouldn't exist according to physics theories. Amazing, to say the least.

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Mountiangurl2003 said...

Whoah I like that the fire alarm says do not use Twitter! Ha ha we actualy have a policy at Lowes that states not to e-mail the fact that there is a fire at Lowes....Hum that means it must have happened if they wrote a policy about it. Yet another award winning Guido blogg. I love these chances to peek into your brain.