Friday, July 17, 2009

Goodbye World

Okay, so that is just a little bit dramatic. Tonight I did something dramatic. I did something kind of freeing. I did something... liberating? I deactivated my facebook. There are a couple of reasons, but the most important of all of them was that I was just spending too much time on it. I guess I'm going to start re-prioritizing the things in my life. That is nice.

Anyway, I am excited, but we'll see how long I go before I reactivate the account. Feel free to follow me on twitter (elishaguido) or right here on my blog. However, be forewarned that I will probably be making this blog private in the near future. So, just shoot me an email or communicate with me somehow and I'll put you on my list of approved viewers. I am a little sad to see my worldwide audience go, however, there are some things that are more important in life than my 242 Brazilian readers. (Haha, I just remembered a political joke... exactly how many is a brazillion?)

I digress... and I shall some more. It is 1:35 am, which is five minutes passed when I planned to get off and read, but I need to say some more stuff. If I am going to title a blog with such a powerful statement, I'm going to put some more stuff in it other than just me talking about facebook and blogs.

And.... sentimental feeling gone. Literally in an instant. So that's it. See you on here soon.

Elisha Guido

Universally Renowned Writer and Editor

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