Saturday, July 18, 2009

More fun

Today, as I drove to work I contemplated ditching all my
responsibilities to travel the world in a hot air balloon. However,
with my luck, I probably would have ended up traveling with gunter,
the former circus master who was "released of his duties" when they
found out that his elephant, Titus, was was really just ten small
children smuggled in from a third world country covered up in an
elephant costume.

I opted out of seeing the world with gunter on account of my own
sanity and decided to just go to work instead. Though I cannot deny
that the adventures and stories I would have gained would be
irreplaceable, I must keep in mind that I'm having quite a blast here
at the service desk at Target.

Dear Gunter,
If you are reading this, please know that is was nothing personal
agaist you. I'm sure you are a great guy, but my life isn't ready for
an adventure yet. If you knew me, you would know that I don't like
heights, papaya or extreme water escape tricks. I like things like
staring at walls, movies that lack plot, and the color grey. Thanks
for the offer.

Elisha, the one hit wonder.

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