Sunday, July 5, 2009

Synthesia: Something Pretty cool... Almost

A while back I downloaded this free program on to my computer. It is pretty much the equivalent of guitar hero, but for the piano. It is called Synthesia. It is, to say the least, pretty cool.

Synthesia works like this; first you need a midi file of which ever song you want to play, or learn to play, or watch be played. Once you have the midi file, you just open it up in the game (after you hook up your usb supported piano.) The rest of the steps are pretty easy.

Since Seth has been in town, Alaina's piano has managed to make it home. This makes for very lovely quality time with the piano and myself. Well, I have been learning this one song by a mid nineteenth century french composer. I've learned a good amount of it, however, I ran into a problem. As you can see there is a part of the song where I need to be playing eight keys at once. This wouldn't normally be a problem, however, apparently my hands are too small. Each hand needs to play four keys in order to be successful. That isn't a problem for my right hand, but my left hand cannot stretch the span of seventeen keys. The right hand only needs to stretch out across fifteen keys, but the left hand has a couple more. Fifteen keys is pretty easy to get done, but as you can see from the image, my left hand can barely reach across all of those keys. It can do it, however, if I try to press down the keys I need to press down, all of the keys in between get played. There is absolutely nothing I can do to fix that problem. Maybe break some fingers to stretch them out some more. Oh! I can get a smaller piano! Nah, too expensive. Anyway, I guess one key just isn't going to get pressed.

Right Hand

Left Hand

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