Friday, July 31, 2009

Two weeks sober

Today marks the second week I have gone without facebook. I was kind of surprised at first. It has gone by much faster than I had thought.

I find myself in the midst of a war between my two desires. One side of me begs to be on facebook. That side of me is the side that wants to update statuses, upload pictures, browse through friends, check out pages, write on walls, comment on photo's, and send flair. Okay, well, all of those but that last are things that one side of me desires. I feel so disconnected from the world. There is another side of me that seems to be stronger than I had anticipated. The other side of me is so content. It's almost as if that side of me never wants to have a facebook again. That side of me just tells me over and over again that I am independent and don't need a thousand facebook friends to be secure. (I wish I had a thousand facebook friends, then I would really be cool.) I like that I don't get on the computer and go straight to facebook. That side of me reminds me that facebook is not the best thing on the internet. Instead of wasting my time on facebook I can waste my time reading this like Charles Templeton's story, which is sad, the deception that is bottled water, the impact of how much waste we create, the effect of painting roofs or roads white, and pretty much all the boring stuff that nobody really enjoys reading but me.

Today at work I considered pulling my facebook back up. I am stronger than that though. Facebook is lame and I will admit that. I will also admit that myspace is ten million times lamer, but I can't seem to bring myself to deleting it. Instead it get on for one minute a day to see if there are any new bulletins. I should just delete it, but it holds a lot of history from high school. I hate it. The problem is this; I have a myspace. If I don't use it then it is just taking up space. I have to get on if I have one. It's not that I want to or even benefit from it, but I just have to get on it because I can. Whatever.

I am not going to be on facebook for a little while longer. When Skull Church gets to 999 fans I will resurrect my facebook.

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Mountiangurl2003 said...

Well Ill be sure to have Josh throw that in the Skull Church announcements it'll go a little something like this " Howdy Skull Church (No wait thats Driscoll) Lisren up. We need 1,000 fans on Skull Church's facebook to become a ligit site and have an adress... also if you care for the pastoral staff and other really cool people who serve here you should be Skull Church's fan so that Miss Elisha Guido will re-instate her facebook page" Honestly I miss you on facebook but I have been enjoying the increase in blogging! Which as I have told you on quite a many ocassion that I REALLY enjoy. C'est la vive!