Monday, August 3, 2009


As many of you, my devoted followers, may know, before I had to
privatize my blog,I had quite the following in brazil. Now, I know
that I didn't have hundreds of readers but it was the country that
visited my site the second most. So that is something.
So today, while I was at work, this guy came up and asked to use our
phone so he could call brazil. Of course I said yes. I am all for
racking up target's phone bill. Just kidding, he had a phone card.
Anyway, he called his brazillion love and chatted (in the beautiful
Portuguese language) with her for a little while about all sorts of
stuff like the business trip he was out here for and the houses of
friends he had been visiting. You know, all the typical stuff. It was
actually pretty neat because I understood for the most part what he
was saying. When he got off the phone he thanked me. I asked
if he was speaking Portuguese and he said yes, but then told me it was
nothing like Spanish, but that it was like a mix of French, Italian
and Spanish. I only know Spanish and I still understood.
Brazil has been making it's way into my life lately.
Things for me to do in my lifetime:
Go to brazil.
Meet my brazilian fan base.

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