Friday, August 21, 2009


I love going to the dentist. I think I was traumatized by my childhood dentist for so many years that by the time I finally got a new dentist I realized how amazing dental hygiene could be. I love going to the dentist. I remember in high school I would set my appointments during class hours so that when the other kids asked where I was going I could tell them, "I'm going to the dentist! I LOVE GOING TO THE DENTIST!" Everyone thought I was weird, but I didn't care.

Anyway, a few months back (June) I had searched through several of the local dentists, orthodontists and periodontists out here so that I could set an appointment. Well, after a few hours and several phone calls I finally picked one and set an appointment. As you can see the appointment is set for the 27th. You may also want to note the excitement in the word "dentist", as I did add an exclamation point.

Well, the appointment was set in June. The appointment is scheduled for August. There is only one problem. I don't know my dentist. Now, I don't mean I haven't met him. And I don't mean that I don't know how to get there. Rather, what I mean is this: In the excitement of setting a dentist appointment, I forgot to write down which dentist I was going to go to and where their office is located. Needless to say, I am going to be calling a few of the dentists in town to ask if they have me scheduled of the 27th.
I thought I may have written it down on my dashboard sticky notes. I usually write all the random useless information down on those. I looked and found nothing. But I would like you to take note of my sticky notes. I don't know what most of the numeral notes are. I don't know why my clock is set to accra time. Svreck is pronounced sh-vor-check. And "eleusinian" is a fun word to say. Welcome to my life.

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