Thursday, August 13, 2009


So, as one of my previous blogs stated, I have Bren hearing a lot
about divorces lately. There's Jon and Kate (+8), the random people
that come through my line and make reference to it, then just people I
work with. In general it really, like really, is disheartening to me.
Earlier a mother came through the line with her two kids and they
asked if they were going to use the credit card. She told them that it
wasn't her card anymore and that it was "daddy's card". I guess that
kind of stuff just bums me out... and rightfully so. Anyway, later on
I spoke with another woman about how long she had been married. They were going on 28 years. I was telling her about how cool it is and how
encouaging it is to see marriages that are long lasting and all that
good stuff, especially in today's society. She left by saying that one
of the most important things she learned was patience. She said that it
takes so much patience and that people just don't have the patience to
wait stuff out or work stuff out or learn. People get into trouble and
they just look for the quickest way out. They look for the selfish way
out and that's not what marriage is about. Anyway, it was cool. I feel
weird blogging about marriage, so I'm going to stop now and go read a
book... or go back to work.

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