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Run Kid Run

Im going to preface. This is not an "Elisha blog". This is just a blog I wrote.

You never know when they are going to show up. You never know who you're going to get. All you can really know for sure is that if you show up, no matter who is there, God is going to get the glory.

The other night we had Run Kid Run show up for Skull Church. Normally, I don't blog about the artists that show up, but seeing as how they were the first band to show up since the station has started up, I decided I'd go for it.

There are four guys in the band; David does vocals and guitar, Neil does back up vocals, guitar and keys, Paul plays bass, and Matt plays the drums. David, Neil and Paul all came up to the station after the sound check and were generous enough to let us do an interview with them and record some liners. Devan did the interview and this is pretty much how it went. If you would rather listen, there is a link for that as well.

Devan F. How are you guys doing?

David. We're doing good.

Neil. Doing great!

DF. Awesome, so stoked you guys are here. First of all, have you guys ever been to Montana?

D. Yeah, Yeah.

N. Quite a few times.

Paul. Love Montana.

DF. Great, so you guys are originally from...

D. Southern Illinois area, mid west.

P. Originally from Kentucky.

DF. Are there any similarities between Montana and...

P. Not at all.

D. I mean, we love Montana. We love driving through it. It's beautiful. Not too many similarities though.

P. Nice people here though.

DF. You guys have been doing music for eight years now?

D. Yeah, just about. Me and the drummer have been playing for ten years now, but this band has been going for about four.

DF. Awesome, what do you guys enjoy most about what you do?

D. I think the traveling part is the best part ... and not working at McDonald's too.

(Everyone laughs)

DF. When you guys write your music, are you writing music that you would listen to, or are you writing music that you just have fun playing and you just enjoy?

P. Um... That's a "Neil" question.

N. For me, I listen to what we play, I think. I mean, I think we all listen to a lot of different stuff. We get inspiration from a lot of different things, but um, I mean, I think we all listen to pop rock music too. We really like that. "Jimmy Eat World" type vibe.

DF. Yeah.

N. As far as what we write about, we just all try to be honest with what we are writing about. Whatever happens, happens. We don't try to like, "well, lets write a pop single song". Or whatever. It just kind of happens and hopefully it comes out like that, but who knows.

DF. I read earlier that, the song freedom, you guys wrote that. It was kind of a stretching song for you guys.

D. Oh yeah. Definitely a stretch for us. We come from pretty pop-punk background so using the piano, the acoustic, you know, stretching ourselves in that way, musically, was a stretch. And I think those are our most honest lyrics we have come up with. I think we were just trying to be as open as possible. The Lord had just given me a vision of me in a prison like state. I didn't have shackles on my arms or my legs, but I had the chains wrapped around my arms and legs and I was holding on tight to them. So, I just wanted to try and paint that as a picture in a four and a half minute song. We were trying to be honest and say, "One hand seems to praise You, and the other brings me shame, and I'm tired of dealing with the same sin over and over again." So just seeking for that freedom.

DF. I think we are are. So, you guys came out with "Love at the Core" in 2008 of April. What are Run Kid Run fans looking for in the future?

D. Well, we're writing right now. We have a list of ideas that are kind of brewing to put together. We're going to be recording in January.

P. Summer release!

N. Yeah, summer release is what the fans can be looking for.

DF. Awesome. That will be in our rotation here at the station.

P. Good deal.

DF. You guys have toured a lot. You guys just said you love touring. What would you say is your most memorable moment on the road?


P. Oh, mama.

N. (Laughs) Good or bad?

DF. Either. Right when I said it, if you were like, "Oh this was horrible" or "This was a good moment".

D. I went to bad. Why did I go to bad?

N. I went to bad too.

P. (Joyfully) I went to good.

D. Negative nancy's over here.

P. Positive Paul!

N. There's plenty of bad, it seems like.

D. Negative, well, here's a few. We got held up at a waffle house, way back at gun point.

N. Guns in our faces!

D. It was terrifying. One time we were driving down the road in Texas and our van caught on fire, so we had to jump out of the van. Do you guys have any good ideas? Good things?

N. We've blown eight engines in our career.

P. About one month ago, actually. Just outside of Boston. We don't have a van right now. We are van-less.

DF. Like you guys said, you've been playing music for ten years now, the band has been together for four years. In this time, how do you feel you have grown spiritually? I mean, being a musician, you're thrown with more trials than most of us will ever go through. How do you feel you've grown in this time.

D. Go for it Paul.

P. Neil?

N. Nah, go for it, Paul.

P. Um, I mean, gosh. That's a pretty loaded question as far as like, incorporating it with the band, I think part of the growth has just been having to deal with the things on the road. As far as not being able to go to the same church week after week after week. You know, that can really weigh on you to where you have to implement your own sort of action in order to keep that alive. I know for me, missing the church body connection, I guess.

DF. It's kind of up to you to dive into the word and go for it yourself instead of someone else speaking into your life.

P. Right, exactly. I think just being thrown into the position where you have to deal with that. It gives you the opportunity to grown in that way, in that manner.

D. Also, whenever you do music as your full life, there's a lot of risk. It's like, "Okay, I'm not going to school. I'm going to pursue music 100 percent." And I think you have to feel a calling from the Lord and I think we all have it. This is what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. We sacrifice a lot. There's a lot of good things and a lot of bad things, but you put your faith in Christ so much more. So much with finances, like, "Okay, are we going to be able to pay ourselves this month?" or "How are we going to get to our next show?" You know, we still don't know that, but we now that the Lord will provide and it's going to work out. You just put so much faith, even more.

N. That's been a big lesson for us. Just to really rely on God to provide for us.

P. It's come to a point now where it's just like we look at each other and are like, "Well, we've blown another engine guys. What can you do?" It's not even a big deal anymore. It's all right.

DF. I think it's awesome. We hear about so many Christian bands that get in the Christian world and they start touring and get that little bit of success and it's like the world really grabs ahold of people and can tear them down. I'm stoked to see you guys, after tens years, and four years of Run Kid Run's success that you guys are still strong in the Lord, serving and following him. That is awesome and that's a cool testament. That makes me stoked on you guys, and I think everyone else too.

So you guys as individuals, would you consider yourselves as introverts or extroverts and does that come out in your music or stage presence?

P. I think David's a big 'ole extrovert.

D. Are you serious? I was going to call myself an introvert.

P. Awe, he's a broadway kind of guy.

D. I am at times, but then I can be just by myself.

P. Sometimes he's broadway, sometimes he's indie guy.

(Laughter roars in the studio)

D. We're not sure.

N. We're all like that though. Except for Matt. He's an extrovert.

DF. Alight and last but not least, other than being great musicians, do you guys have any other talents, maybe pro beat boxing, rubiks cube master, contortionist?

D. Mmmm...

P. (Mockingly) Mmm.... good question.

N. I'm a really good golfer.

P. He is.

D. And Paul is a great Halloween costume maker. Let's talk about your halloween costume.

P. Yeah, I'm phenomenal. I don't know if anyone wants to hear about though, honestly.

D. I guess if you had the visual.

DF. I kind of want to hear about it.

P. I mean, like a four foot big, 3D Pac Man that you got inside of AND a Pac Man ghost to go along with it. So, big that I had to borrow my grandpa's truck to even get to the party I was going to. And I had to crumple them up and strap them while they still hung out of the back of the truck. That's how big these things were.

D. And then they were the only two in the living room. Nobody else could fit.

P. I spent a good, solid, two days, over a three day period. Gosh, nonstop. I cut three of my fingers, dropped a hot glue gun on my arm and burned the skin off and wore the costumes for about three minutes because no one wanted to be around us because we took up the entire room.

(David is laughing hardily)

DF. Awesome. I'm not much of a costume person. I go to costume parties and I wear it for like ten minutes and then it's like, "Well, I'm done with this right now."

P. So apparently that's my thing.

D. That's your gift!

P. It's my thing.

N. He's a craftsman. He's really good with woodworking...

P. Well I'm okay with woodworking...

N. Nature...


(David is laughing again. He does that a lot)

P. I've killed a chicken or two in my day.

N. He's an outdoors guy.

P. That's why I love Montana.

DF. Thank you guys so much for stopping in. Once again that was David, Neil and Paul from Run Kid Run. You guys can hear their music on rotation and look forward to a near summer release.

So that is pretty much how it went down. If all goes as planned I will hopefully be able to make time to type up the interviews for all of the guest artists that show up for Skull Church, but I suppose only time will tell.

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview and look forward to when we get the website up to date where you can check out blog posts and what not.

Until next time, this has been interview time with Elisha.

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