Thursday, January 14, 2010

Office Space

There are some things that you may be out of the loop on. I have an office. I feel it has mostly been a desk and some papers and a big mess, but lately it's really been coming together. I have Eric Melzer to thank for much of that.

First things first. The post-it note above my computer and on my wall says "POSTURE". It is there to remind me to have good posture throughout the day. It only kind of helps... like when people say, "posture?" to which I quickly adjust my slouching position.

Second: I drink tea... and 7Up.

Three: Eric is lending me that cool lamp and wicked awesome speakers. Those are all nice things.

Fourth: You may notice that I have a piece of paper on my computer. This paper looks similar to a keyboard. I have a problem. As you may notice, I have both a keyboard and a mouse sitting on my desk. Problem: I ALWAYS forget to use them and habitually use the keyboard and touch pad on my laptop. Solution: Put a piece of paper over the laptop keyboard.

Thanks for being a part of looking at my desk. If you want to contribute, feel free to buy me gifts. Thanks.


Elisha Guido

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Anonymous said...

i'd like an updated photo to see if the space continues to remain the same or better, aprreciate it's transformation!