Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Mason Day

Okay, so it wasn't a free mason day, but it was definitely a mason jar day. I had only one thing to do today (in addition to all of the normal things I do on a daily basis). Today I needed to clean somewhere around 150 mason jars. Why were they dirty? Did they have spaghetti sauce in them? Was it crusty old baby food? Perhaps it was paint or some other sort of medium? No, this is worse than any of those. They were filled with candle wax! Okay, so maybe that's not so bad. I wouldn't even want to imagine what it would be like to clean out 150 jars of moldy mac and cheese. That's gross.
I was using a knife to chip out the candle wax and to my misfortune the knife went through the glass and cut my hand. At lease I made it out alive. The mason jar will unfortunately no longer serve a purpose but to sit in a trash bag.

The pictures are courtesy of Eric who had to deal with a bunch of glass hindering him from leaving his office.

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