Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best Part of Super 1 Foods

There are a lot of weird thing that happen at Super 1. Well, okay, not that many weird things happen, but this is the story of a weird thing that happened at Super 1 today.

As I was walking to pick up lunch I encountered one of the more idiosyncratic sights of my life. From far away it was just a man sitting in the bed of his truck. I moved in closer. It became a man sitting in a couch, in the back of his truck. Moving yet closer, it became a man, on a couch, in a truck, smoking a ciggy, and drinking a cold one. (I'm not exactly sure what "cold one" he was drinking, but it was in a can.) So, as you can imagine, I am already trying to retain my laughter but I continue to walk closer to this strange, strange man. To my surprise the comedy of this whole scenario has not reached it crest. As I got closer I realized, not only was he sitting on a couch, in the bed of his truck, smoking a cigarette and drinking a refreshing drink, but he was also listening to Gwen Stephani's "Holla Back Girl".

At this point I am too close to get a picture without making myself obvious. I went inside and bought my lunch and decided to try again for the picture while walking out. It appears that even though I am incredibly stealthy and pretty much have the skills of a ninja, the fellow lounging about in his truck still managed to catch me snapping a shot. This is recorded in the following photo.

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