Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dental hygiene is like God

As I waited at the dentists office this morning, I wrote this blog.

Now, before you get all caught up in what I'm implying, just take a minute to consider my case.

You see, I love going to the dentist. I don't think it's always been that way, but as far back as high school goes, I can remember loving to go to the dentist. My teachers thought I was weird, my friends thought I was out of my mind. I boasted in getting to go to the dentist. Sure, part of my love was conditional in that I would always set my appointments during my least favorite classes (Spanish, English, and History... depending on the teacher). But I feel like missing class was only the added bonus.

There is something so sweet about having clean teeth, and great dental hygiene for that matter. You see plaque is disgusting and if you aren't careful or if you are neglagent or even apathetic to taking care of the issue, you're really going to end up in a lot of pain. Your teeth will rot and it will be a major bummer to get fixed. It will take a major work to get back to where you started and I can guarantee that it won't be comfortable.

Sin is like plaque and tartar. The more it builds up the harder it is to get rid of. It's disgusting when you think about it. Bacteria that just likes to hang out. Not only does it just like to hang out, but it likes to make you look bad. It likes to make you smell. It likes to slowly build up and it's so easy to let it build up without even realizing that it has an evil plan in mind. The serious part is that if you don't take the proper preventative measures, you will surely end up in a mess that you really dont want to be a part of your life. Plaque does not have your best interest in mind.

Lucky for us we have hope! We have been given the means to keep our teeth clean. Every day, multiple times a day, it is so important to keep going back to dental hygiene. It's so important to remember that we have guidelines for keeping a healthy smile. Brush and floss. Make sure to go back to the dentist every once in a while.

I feel like God is a lot like dental hygiene. When we keep going back to him he is good to take care of us. We can avoid a lot of pain and heartache in life if we remember to continually be going back to him when we need to be cleaned. You see, only he can clean us like new. But we have constantly looking to him to keep us clean. We can't expect to just go on living our lives without him thinking we will be okay. We can't think that being good is going to save us from our troubles. Just because you don't eat sugar doesn't mean you don't have to brush your teeth.

Unfortunately, unlike my salvation, a trip to the dentist is not free.

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Anonymous said...

And on that same note, how about spinal hygiene? Daily stretches and exercises. Regular chiropractic adjustments. Adding life to your years and years to your life by maintaining optimal alignment and nerve flow. The power that made the body can heal the body. Let that Holy Spirit flow without interference!!