Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The story of the parking ticket

There is a two hour parking limit for most of downtown Kalispell. Yes, it is a major bummer, and yes, I have paid well over... fifty dollars in tickets? Yeah, fifty sounds about right. Basically, you can either park in front of the church and risk getting a parking ticket for 10 dollars or you can park two blocks down the street and walk to the church. It makes more sense to walk, but sometimes it is cold outside. The worst part about getting these tickets is that they are pretty much the most ridiculous things ever. Sure, the parking guy goes by a little bit after two hours of being tagged, so there is plenty of time to realize you need to move your car, but still... two hours!? Can't we at least have three hours?

For the most part, Kevin and I are pretty good about always parking down the street and walking, so parking tickets are less common for us than they are for others that risk their financial stability on the convenience of a car being parked close by. I always tell Kevin, "When we park down the street, I can't help but hope that those who park in front of the church get a ticket." I know it's wrong, but sometimes I am heartless like that... I guess. I really don't hope they get tickets. I just wouldn't mind if they were disciplined for violating the law.

That's all for now.

Breacher of all that is lawful within the parking commission:
Elisha L. Guido

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