Monday, April 26, 2010

Fond Memories

I was going to write a different blog today, but instead I want to post a conversation I had with a great friend a while back.

"Life is good. Oh indeed.

Indeed indeed! Life is grand! Life is precious! Life is sweet! Oh life! Oh life! How marvelous! How swell! How beautiful! Love life, Elisha. Embrace it!

Live it! Love it! Laugh with it! Laugh at it! Sing about it! Sing through it! Make the best of it! Skip through it! Dance with it! And most importantly do NOT forget the happy face!

Oh happy face! Wonderful sunshine happy face! Take the happy face everywhere you go! Wear it! Spread it! Be it!

Oh the things I can achieve with a happy face worn! Oh the places I'll go! Oh the people I'll meet!

Oh the sites you'll see! Oh the lives you'll change! The gloomy days you'll brighten!

Oh the sun that will shine! Oh the hearts to be mine! Oh the love to be won! Oh the joy and the fun!

Oh the lives that will glow! Oh the happiness will grow! At the sight of your face, and the suns warm embrace!

Oh the days that will come! Oh the races to run! Oh the fights to be won! Oh the will to be done!

Oh the laughs to be heard! They'll be as free as a bird! Oh the days will be brightened! Oh the hearts they will lighten!

Come on! I can't compete with that!


Your rhymes are too sweet, every rhythm in beat. Every word has a meaning and I can't be as skilled as you. See?

Oh my dear that's not true! Please oh please don't be blue! You are skilled in your rhymes! So much so it should be a crime!

Okay, okay. But it's only because I drop rhymes in my spare time. Ya know- I save my pennies till I can make the bennies...

Haha you win!

No! I hate winning!"

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