Sunday, April 4, 2010

My New Friend Derrek

Today is Easter. Today is really a great day all around. Today I made a new friend. Alaina was grabbing stuff before she left and I was in the kitchen making the "Guido Family Queso". A large black blur passed by the window. When I looked out I noticed an unnaturally large black dog making his way into our garage. Alaina says that he's come by before trying to win himself some hamburgers, but with no such luck. He waited outside the door for Alaina to get in the car. After she was in the car, he made his way into our garage. I went to see what he was doing. His big brown eyes looked up at me as he nudged his head into the door trying to make his way into the house. My heart was sad for him. My heart longed for his companionship.

He left the garage and I was sad. I went out side looking for him, but he had left me with nothing but my languish for his friendship. A few moments later, as I was still preparing our queso, he made his way by my window. My heart jumped and I exclaimed with giddy joy, "Derrek! You came back!" So I guess his name is Derrek. I tried to snap a picture of him, but alas, his swift movement led him away quicker than I could say "click". I tried everything, I knocked on the window, I called his name, I did everything, but he was gone.

After prepping the queso for cooking I went out one more time looking for Derrek. There he was, sitting on our neighbors porch, oh so prominently. How I enthralled my heart was when I saw him not far from me. I called him over and he sat right at my feet. I snapped a shot and left him to write this blog.

I hope he knows I love him, even if it was just so I could write a nice blog.

Anyway, I hope he sticks around. He is really nice and I really like his company.


alaina said...

Of course you wrote a blog about him! This blog made me laugh so much... It also made me sad for a dog who just wants some love, poor guy.

Anonymous said...

you sure he was a boy dog?