Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twenty One

Today I turned 21. Here are the things I did today. Well... some of them.

This is when I noticed it was my birthday. It was midnight, so I did some yoga.
Before I went to bed I read a Psalm. It's pretty legit.

I woke up to take a shower and was greeted by an amazing gift from my amazing family.

I got a tea from Awaken that was delicious.
Sara and the girls decorated my office and I didn't even notice! Once I did, I felt really special and it was really awesome.
They also gave me a donut and a naked juice.
Some friends and I went to Tamarack for a lovely lunch.
I got a free monster cookie. Everyone enjoyed that... especially Ella.
Jake took Carrie and I to Somers beach which is pretty much amazing.
And still pretty amazing.
And still pretty amazing. I wrote out my name.
And we hung out there some more.
And I finished the day off by drinking a glass of sparking white grape juice from target and watching Made of Honor with Carrie.
Then, just for kicks, I crossed out the "non" part of the "non alcoholic" label... you know, just for fun.


Cupcake Carrie said...

wonderful job documenting the day! and the birthday doesn't end there!!! tea time is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

especially love the part where you carve out your name in the sand. very cool. 21 is a birthday to remember!!