Saturday, May 1, 2010

Awkward Situations

I often find myself in awkward situations... especially when at Starbucks by myself. The following are some examples.

1. Yesterday I came in and all the seats were taken except for a table located next to an older couple on their first date. The girl had short brown curly hair and glasses. She dressed simply, but was very content. The guy wore glasses as well, but his hair was much longer. It was a mix between a dirty blonde and brown and was held back in a pony tail... then tied up in another pony tail held half way down, then another at the bottom. He had a couple tattoos and plugs in his ears. He was almost fifty according to part of their conversation.
(Now, here's the deal, I've recently decided not to wear headphones while out and about. I feel like it imposes on the potential for you to talk to new people and for them to approach you. It's very seclusive.)
I tried very hard not to listen to their conversation, but it went a little something like this.

Girl- "Well, she wants to go to this college, but her father doesn't want her to. But that's pretty much it about my kids, what about you?"
Guy- "Oh, well, I have ten."
Girl- "Ten? Wow"
Guy- "Well, technically eight, the other two are step kids."

Their conversation continued and I tried not to listen to what they were saying. Normally it wouldn't be an awkward situation, given that all the other seats were filled, however this is what happened. My computer was trying to download a trial version of CS5. My computer has to be plugged into a power source or it will immediately die. Shorty after I started the download, much of the room cleared out, but I couldn't move or I'd lose all of my work. So for two and a half hours I sat within arms length of the only other couple in the room... on their first date with no headphones. It was awkward. At various points in their conversation he would look at me, working away, lean in closer to her, then whisper something.

2. Today I came to Starbucks and took a seat on one of the comfy chairs located by the fireplace. I was setting myself up for awkwardness when I sat in a large area alone.
A family showed up and I pretty much looked like I was a part of their party. They each looked at me, expecting me to get up, but I couldn't leave... my computer was plugged into the wall and I was working on something.

I'm just going to sit alone in small corners from now on.
That's all.

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Karlina said...

elisha can i just say how much i enjoy reading your blog...well i do