Sunday, September 12, 2010


First of all, Wow, it has been forever since I blogged.
I am currently sitting in a hotel lobby outside of the Washington D.C. area. I've never experienced a cancelled flight before and I've certainly never had to stay in a hotel overnight by myself as a result. Today is a day filled with new experiences.

A football game is playing in the background and there is a really sweet older couple that were supposed to be on the same flight as me that are sitting at a table near by. They are from Australia. They were in the customer service line in front of me at the airport. I really appreciated their patience. So many people in the line were going off on this or that just being jerks for whatever reason. I think that them waiting in line by themselves for over an hour was more than enough time to realize that they were being jerks. For the most part people cooled down by the time they realized that it wasn't the customer service reps fault that the plane was broken.

Also, here is some advice... if you are not meant to do customer service and you suck at relating to people then you should probably stick to whatever you do instead of trying to help foreign customers. Let's just say that I feel so incredibly bad for the poor guy who hardly speaks English who had a woman practically yelling at him the whole time. I literally would have broken down in tears if I were him. (I suppose that's not technically something that would literally happen... One minute I'm flesh and bone, then next I'm a puddle of salty water on the ground.) She was so mean. She was so mean. Eventually she called some guy named Samuel and said, "SAMUEL! I NEED YOUR HELP! I CANNOT GET AWAY FROM THIS CUSTOMER!" I don't think the guy knew completely what she was saying, but the anger in her eyes was enough to make the hairs on Tom Sellecks chest shrivel up and cry... and chest hairs don't even have tear ducts.

Like I said though, I'm in a Mariot and I just finished my dinner. I think it was the best meal I've had all week. I wish I would have gone with the salmon salad instead though. I guess a burger is a burger where ever I go.

*I just heard that someone ordered room service. They ordered three fried eggs and it's $8.50. Also, no, they didn't want any bread with it.*

That's all for now!

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