Monday, March 28, 2011

April Fools Day

So today I realized something kind of cool. I realized that I get paid on April Fools Day. That led me to this post.

Here are some fun tricks to play on people for my favorite trickery inspired holiday.

Prank #1: April Fools Paycheck.
This year April 1st falls on a Friday.

This is probably my favorite prank. Instead of paying your employees with US currency, you should pay them in slaps to the face. One slap for every dollar they earned.

Better idea! You should pay all your employees with American currency, but you should double or even triple their normal pay. Then, when they see their paycheck they can go and buy something like a swimming pool. Then you totally take all that money away and say, "April Fools!" Then storm out of their house laughing.

Prank #2: It's Saturday!
When your alarm clock goes off, tell yourself that it's Saturday. Then sleep in and completely miss work. When your boss calls to tell you that you're fired yell back saying, "YOU WANT THE TRUTH? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" Then slam the phone down and pat yourself on the back because that was a great April Fools prank!

Also, if you want to make this prank a little variable, send a mass text out to all your friends wishing that they all have a fantastic Saturday. Depending on how many friends you have, you might get a few of them fired too! Then you can all go out and play croquet in the park.... or go ice fishing... whichever the weather permits.

(Apparently this April Fools is the year of getting people fired. I think last year was the year of people getting pregnant... not getting people pregnant... but people getting pregnant.)

Prank #3: Bad Movie Day!
Take some time to recommend the worst movies on the face of the planet to your best friends, but make sure to tell them, "Seriously, it starts out slow, but once you get about an hour into the film, you'll never regret it!" This prank is brilliant because you get to waste mass amounts of their time while giving them a false sense of hope and you make them watch the worst films ever created! Meanwhile, you should go watch anything with Bill Murray in it. Big win!

Oh, you don't know what the worst films on earth are? Here are a few for consideration:

Spiderman 3. Who didn't hate that movie? Nothing is worse than Tobey Maguire wearing eyeliner. (I actually loved it. You have to watch it more as an emo comedy... It starts out slow, but once you get about an hour into it, you'll never regret it!)

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Dang that movie was bad. Even Shia LaBeouf thought it was bad.

And since we're on the subject of good old Shia, I may as well throw in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Nicolas Cage. Ghost Rider. Enough said. Actually, not enough. Did you know they are making a sequel? Well, they are, and this is no joke. Oh, how I wish it were a joke.

Any stupid parody movie on any movie genre. Such movies include, Scary Movie, Epic Movie, and Date Movie. (All of these are the dumbest things the movie industry has ever produced. If your friends fall for this prank and enjoy it, you need new friends, because well, the jokes on you I guess.)

Prank #4: Starbucks Run.
Tell everyone that you're going out on a Starbucks run. Gather all their money and take their orders. When you get to Starbucks order the frilliest, sweetest, most fowl drinks possible... all of them venti... and decaf. Then when they give you all the drinks tell the barista that they made them all wrong. (Baristas at Starbucks LOVE when they have to remake drinks.) Wait for them to make all the new drinks then say that it's not a big deal and you'll just take all the frilly drinks. You just pulled a double prank! Two birds with one stone... two birds with one stone. You've pranked all your coworkers and your local Starbucks personel. LOVE IT!

Anyway, Happy Pranksgiving!

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