Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diet soda and things that I disapprove of!

This morning, as I was driving to the church I saw this guy drinking a Diet Coke in his car. I thought, "Dang! That is so gross! It's not even 9am and this guy is already hitting the can!" Then I started thinking, "Why on earth would anyone drink this early?" That thought led me to the more appropriate question, "Why would anyone even drink Diet Coke?"

I concluded that his Diet Coke was from yesterday and had been sitting in the cup holder since last night. I figured he had forgotten to brush his teeth this morning so he decided to swish around a little bit of not so carbonated, warm soda around to drown out the flavor of morning breath.

Whatever his reasons were, I do not approve.

Here are other things I do not approve of:

1. Dance parties that I am not included in.
2. Dance parties that include music that is not suitable for dancing.
3. Anytime someone knocks Dr. Pepper. That's 23 flavors of heaven, but that's another blog for another day.
4. Consuming diet soda for any purpose other than a cruel joke.

Thanks for your time. You are like an angel!


Anonymous said...

coca cola came to town,
diet pepsi shot him down,
Doctor pepper fixed him up
now we all drink seven-up

Honk-honk, beep-beep, rattle-rattle-rattle

Elisha said...

Dear Anonymous,
I'm sick of your mysterious comments! Put your name or I will freak out.


Seven Up got the flu, now we're drinking Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew fell off the mountain, now we're drinking from the fountain. Fountain broke, had a stroke, now we're back to plain old Coke.