Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pumping Music

Don't watch the video. Just press play and keep reading...

So, like, sometimes there are certain songs that make me want to dance more than Jamal and Latika from Slumdog Millionaire... (You know, when they all go crazy in the subway showing off their mad, foreign dancing skills at the end of the movie?)

Anyway, sometimes when I am driving, there is this song that comes on the radio that literally makes the little cells that compose my body break out their shiny, little, dancing shoes to hit the dance floor. And yes... I mean LITERALLY. My cells are dancing cells, and the party doesn't stop. And yes, my dancing cells have mad dancing skills. You'll have to catch them in action sometime... like always.

There is something about this song that makes me feel like I'm a whole new person. There is something about this song that makes me feel like I'm in Romania hanging out with all the coolest local celebs while kicking back at some club with crazy lights and all sorts of legal and non-demoralizing fun.

The first of this fun would include the "Guido fist pump."
My favorite part is that I actually find myself doing the "Guido fist pump" when I listen to this song.

Here's the deal... it's almost always unacceptable to do a guido fist pump, but seeing as how I am LITERALLY a Guido, I feel I have the right. ALSO, I feel I have the right to make rules as to when to use the fist pump.

Acceptable reasons include:

When you listen to this song.
When you are me.
When you need to mock anyone trying to pull off a Guido fist pump.

I hope you enjoy this song and not doing a fist pump.

I am wondering if you did a fist pump while listening to this song.

And yeah, I bought this song on itunes... so sue me... or think less of me. But don't really do either of those.

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Anonymous said...

What is this "Guido Fist pump"? is it a Billy Idol attempt?