Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solve this mystery!

So, you're at a party with a bunch of other friends. You're Miss Scarlet. You're young, wealthy and incredibly attractive. All the other characters would typically call you something like "a tall glass of milk" or "the cat's meow." I'd just call you Miss Scarlet, probably because you have this scar from that one time when you tried to take my parking spot and I showed you who was boss. I was boss.

Your friend Colonel Mustard just stepped out to smoke a cigar. Also, he likes yellow turtlenecks. He is not attractive, but you have an undying love for yellow turtlenecks... so, with that said, you have this uncontrollable desire to picture him in layer over layer of yellow turtlenecks. Also, he's kind of a bigger guy and you have this weird thing for bigger guys. So all you do the whole party long is stare into his big old eyes... I mean sweat stains. Mmmm... pheromones.

Mrs. White is not white. She's asian, and she hates her job. She's the house servant but deep down has the insatiable desire to cut a rug on the dance floor. She can be seen in Step Up 2 the Streets. She is that awesome. Most of the time you can find her dancing by herself in the kitchen. She also has a peg leg, so she is that much cooler now.

All of the sudden it comes to your attention that Mr. Green has been murdered. You have your assumptions, but you dare not say because you know what they say about when you assume.... it's just a bad idea, and you look like a total jerk. Then everyone just starts thinking that you're all high and mighty on your high horse. Your horse probably has a name like Whinsten or Maverick. If I had a horse I'd name him Edward. Everyone wants to have a horse named Edward.

ANYWAY, it couldn't have been Mrs. Peacock or Professor Plum because both of them were too busy being boring in the living room. Seriously, he is so absent minded and she just loves the attention. They stare at a candle stick the whole time.

Who did it?

I'll give you a hint. It was me. Nobody liked Mr. Green and he stole my parking spot.


abby Carlson said...


Mr.Green said...

Journal Entry — 1/1/111111
Location: Hell

Dear Diary, i have thought much about my previous life and what i might have done differently. After a LONG time to consider i have "boiled" it down to just three...

1. Never park in elisha's parking spot as she is a bit feisty. In-fact don't park or drive ever as she seems to own the road... (scratch's under neck brace).

2. If i could do it all again, i would have taken the blue pill.

3. Next game, now that i have a clue... I'm going to reveal the true murderers; Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum have been slowly killing each-other for years.