Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unusual Dying

If you jump at the idea of egg dying then this blog is for you!
If you jump at the smell of hard boiled eggs, apple vinegar, thrift stores and dirty socks this blog is still for you!

Tonight I dyed some eggs in a not so normal way. If you are a follower of mine, you know about my previous experiences.

Obviously the coffee eggs are the best.

This year I bought a silk shirt at a thrift store. I also bought a white sock at that thrift store. Then I dyed. I dyed so good.

Abby dyed the egg with the face, because she is so totally awesome. OBVIOUSLY some of the eggs look like garbage... but believe me, they smell worse than they look. Nothing wakes you up like getting the steamy steaminess of thrift store shirts wrapped in thrift store socks, soaking in vinegar water while hard boiling eggs.

And then I decided not to risk eating any of them. Mostly because they smell like eggs and thrift stores... oh and socks.

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