Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diet Soda and Things I Disapprove of (Part 2)!

So, as you may remember, a while back as I drove to work I saw this guy stopped behind me consume a diet coke. I thought it was gross.

The saga continues.

This morning as I drove to the church, as I often do, I was watching the person behind me through my rear view mirror. This time I was watching some woman in a bug yellow car. There were a lot of issues with that car, but I enjoyed its personality. Anyway, I would have just let my eyes wander about the beautiful day around me, until I noticed she was unscrewing the cap to some bottle. Seriously!? What is with people drinking soda before 9am!? You might as well eat spaghetti for dinner and take showers before you go running! It's just a bad idea! I waited to see what her beverage of choice was when I saw something move in her back seat. At first I didn't think it was anything. Then I noticed it was a cat. There was a cat hanging out on the back dash... just chilling.... like it presumably always does. I didn't think it was a big deal until I realized... THAT'S NOT NORMAL!

Things I disapprove of:
1. Women who drive around town with a cat in the backseat while drinking soda before 9am.
2. When my leg falls asleep and I fall over thinking I can walk on it. (Nope... I take it back... I love that.)
3. When I pour a bowl of cereal then realize I don't have any milk. It's like toothpaste, it's not going back in the package.

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