Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Things I'm learning.

I never really used the voice memo app on my phone until recently. I definitely don't use it to it's full potential, but it may be one of my favorite applications. Here's why:

As I go throughout my day I find the Lord teaching me new things ALL THE TIME and I can't seem to keep up. This is where Voice Memos come in.

I have so many memos of me telling myself to look things up, meditate on things more in depth, and just search out God more...

Here are things that have been in my memos recently.

#1. Jesus intercedes for us!
I was listening to a song by Bradley Hathaway that I recently put on the radio. "The World is Screaming" Heads up... great song.
These lyrics inspired me to read Romans 8.

"But his father was good, his father had a plan
So he raised him back to life and now he is sitting at his right hand
He listens to us, he hears our pleas, he joins with us, on our knees."

Yes and amen. I have been comforted IMMENSELY by Romans 8 lately.

The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words?! I AM UNWORTHY!
God did not spare his own son, but gave him up for us! HOW WILL HE NOT ALSO WITH HIM GRACIOUSLY GIVE US ALL THINGS!? I AM UNWORTHY!

Bottom line... I don't need to worry. I have more than enough help. Not by my strength but that of Christ who abides in me.

#2. God speaks and not just to authority.
I was thinking about how if there were a leader of a nation, or an organization or some majorly influential corporation who was God fearing and completely and utterly God seeking, would the Lord not speak clearly to that leader? I mean, this is a person who can change things, who can change situations and influence nations! Wouldn't God want to speak as clearly as possible giving as perfect direction as needed?

Then it hit me. The key is God fearing. Fear God. Seek God. It doesn't matter if you're the president or if you're a high school student. God does speak. You have to listen. He wants you to listen. No matter who you are, no matter who I am, we can be and will be world changers when we start to realize that it's the power of God and not the power of our own work.

#3. My Responsibilities as a Leader.
For the last who knows how long I've been a leader in our student ministries. I suck as a leader. Like seriously. For the longest time I was the person that showed up. I served however I could. I did things. Students don't need me to show up. They don't just need me to do things. Students need me labor in prayer for them. Students need me to be praying for them... and not just on Monday nights. They need me to be asking tougher questions than just the one's on the sheet.

Prayer. That's the point. I feel like God convicted me recently in that I hadn't been praying for my students on my own time. When I learn to really pray for them, for their daily decisions, for their spiritual walks, then I will really learn how to serve them better as a leader because I will be more invested in their lives than Monday nights from 6 to 8.

I think that's it for now, but I leave saying God is so good all the time.

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