Monday, May 23, 2011

National Vegetarian Week

There's a week for everything these days. There's National Playground Safety Week, National Fire Prevention Week, and a whole slew of weeks that I can't seem to get behind, like National Geography Awareness Week. Heck, some occasions even get whole months! Did you know that March isn't just National Eye Donors Month, but it's also National Nutrition Month? Go through April and May when we celebrate National Car Care and National Mental Health Months and before you know it you'll be in June, the month that we set aside as a nation to celebrate candy. Yes, June is National Candy Month; praise the Lord.

All this to say, I get that we celebrate practically every single thing possible because it's just more fun to have an occasion to get together and eat... UNLESS we are gathering for a whole week to celebrate National Vegetarian Week. I'm definitely not against it, but I'm also not necessarily for it either. Not only is there a Vegetarian Week, but there is also a Vegetarian Awareness Month in October.

Here's my question. Who cares?

Actually, I know people care. The real question is when do carnivores get some time to appreciate the animal flesh that they, *ahem* we get to eat? I mean, I feel like having a week and a month specifically for vegetarianism is totally backfiring because it's during that week that I mostly realize how appreciative I am of eating some of my favorite creatures. Think about it, little baby cows, little baby pigs, little baby ducklings, little baby chicks, little baby lambs, and the list goes on. Most of them aren't baby creatures, but you know... cute factor. I've got to throw in the cute factor.

MAYBE if I had a month to appreciate meat I wouldn't find myself appreciating it more during a week specifically set aside for the complete opposite purpose. Actually, that's not true. I'd still think about it.

That's all.

Happy National Vegetarian Week. It's Monday and I haven't eaten any animals. Maybe I'll be a vegetarian this week. Maybe I won't. I probably won't.

*also, the dog at the top of this post is so ugly that I wouldn't mind if someone ate it. Not me though, it creeps me out. It would be like if I ate a very hairy, small, old woman. But like I said, I wouldn't mind if someone ate it.

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