Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oranges > Bananas

For a long time I have always had one fruit to look to on an empty stomach, one fruit to cure the pain, one fruit to bring joy and fulfillment. That one heaven sent fruit was the banana.

Today everything changed.

Well, I suppose it's been a process. I've been cheating on the banana with the orange for some time now and though I don't regret it, I do feel bad that I didn't recognize the situation earlier. It was only today that I professed to both myself and others that there was no longer room for two fruits in my heart.

As I drove home from the store, eating my cold and sweet orange, I realized that though this fruit is messy and though it is hard for me to know when it's ripe, it's the only fruit out there that I could imagine calling my "comfort fruit." I was thinking, "Dang, I didn't even see this coming. I LOVE oranges. I love them MORE than bananas!" That's when I had to shift gears and I dropped my orange on the floor. It was a sad. I was sad. Then I threw it out the window.

Maybe I just enjoy the freshness of oranges. Maybe I just like that they don't taste like sugar sticks. Maybe I've just grown up. After all, I feel like only two year olds say that bananas are their ultimate fave.


Roberta said...

You used to put the peelings in your backpack to make is smell fresh.... or was it your car?...

Elisha said...

BOTH! I'm so fresh!