Monday, May 23, 2011

Snowflake and Cream'd Corn

I have weird dreams. They are vivid and strange and I often die in them. This evening I woke up from a nap laughing. I then immediately called my mom to share my story. Now I'll share it with you.

In my dream I woke up in a trailer/RV bed muttering, "mommy, mommy..." My mom was there and very concerned. She asked, "Elisha, Elisha, what's wrong?" That's when I started to tell her about my dream: I was living in a homeless colony traveling the desert roads. One night, our group was approached by a large man. I didn't see it happen, but I knew he had killed one of my fellow travelers. Anyway, the large man comes up to me and says real sternly in a deep southern accent, "Yo buddy, Snowflake, stole money from me and I won't sleep 'til I get it back! 'Er else you'll be dinna for both me and Creeaam'd Corrrnnn..." That's when Cream'd Corn, the mans yellow lab started licking my ear.

Anyway, I tell my mom, in my dream, all about this and it turns out that my dog, Buddy, was the cause of the ear licking. Then he fell off of the bed and I felt bad.

THEN I actually woke up and called my mom because it was so funny.

Here is my analysis:

I am reading Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" and that must be why I'm traveling the desert roads.

I recently read that Sammy Sosa's skin color is becoming more and more pale and that's why the man in my dream look identical to this:
This could also have influenced the name of my friend, Snowflake, who was murdered.

I recently talked to my mom about Buddy, my family's chocolate lab.

I recently wrote a blog on Vegetarians that had a picture of a dog on a plate... which my mind must have turned against me... The blog was about carnivores, not cannibals!

There are more parts to the story, like stuff that included placebo truth potions, interviews with my brother, bosses getting mad, Chicago, and children refusing to help me when I fall over... and I think something about a department store. But I just wanted to share the little nugget that made me laugh.

So to sum it up, I was Jack Kerouac, who had a friend murdered by Sammy Sosa. And his yellow labrador, Cream'd Corn was inspired by vegetarianism, but would eventually eat me.

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