Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's in the Little Things

This blog isn't deep. It's not profound. It's also not very long (I type that in faith).

There are little things in life that I don't seem to come by that often, but when I do it brings joy to the depths of my heart.

You're walking down the sidewalk, it's a little breezy, the trees around you are colored like a fall setting of a Thomas Kinkade painting (minus the whimsical, fairytale likeness of every piece of his work). Anyway, you're walking down the street when a fresh, crispy leaf blows your way.
Two things you can do:
ignore it and continue
go out of your way to step on it, feeling the crunch beneath your feet.

The latter will bring unending joy to your day. Well, it will bring joy to your day, but that joy will end when you step off of it or try to crush it anymore than you already have.

That's one of those little things.

Another little thing is driving through puddles.
I love driving through puddles.
Few things delight my heart as much as the idea of splashing a pedestrian with a big wave of dirty street water.

Here's the only problem: Puddles usually occur when there is a recess in the pavement where water gathers.
What's the problem? I love driving through puddles which pretty much means that I love driving through potholes which pretty much means I have a broken axel.

It's in the little things.

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