Thursday, June 9, 2011

On Beyonce.

So tonight I was listening to Beyonce's album, I Am Sasha Fierce. It's easy for me to like stuff like that. You know, the kind of stuff that weirdly has some sort of rhythm and passion that I just can't resist. You, know the kind of stuff that makes you want to say, "Yo, Imma let you finish, but... Beyonce is totally the most talented female vocalist on the face of the planet and you shouldn't even have the pleasure of her gracing her face out in public cuz she's like the queen of heavenly voices that has descended from the heavens above to you scum-like earth dwellers just so that you might have an idea of what pure, undefiled joy sounds like in your ears." You know, that kind of stuff.


I started listening to her new album, 4.

Here are my thoughts.
and when I say, "BAFT" it's because I was so busy throwing up that I couldn't even manage the right of mind to spell "BARF" correctly.

I am pretty speechless... and not in a good way.
I will give it another listen. Maybe it will grow on me.

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