Friday, July 29, 2011

Passing Out and Blood Types.

In high school I loved my biology and anatomy classes pretty much more than any student should love a class. Does that mean I actually studied hard and did all the homework the night before? No. But I loved the classes because we got to dissect things. I remember in my biology class the group I was put into for the fetal pig dissection was a of the queasier persuasion. I dissected that pig all by myself, and I was happy about that.

Dissecting things isn't an issue for me. Passing out is.

You know how grocery stores have little blood pressure machines? Well, occasionally my family would take turns learning our blood pressures at Walmart. (Also, I remember the pharmacy was near the aquarium section. I don't like that.) Anyway, if there is one thing that makes me uncomfortable to the point of losing consciousness it's getting my blood pressure taken. To me, the feeling of getting my blood pressure taken is the equivalent of having a very strong, angry, harry and agressive mythical being try to strangle me through my arm... and it works. I would say 98% of the time, if I am not lying down, I will pass out when my blood pressure is taken.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Earlier this year I was persuaded to give blood in return for frozen yogurt and a free meal... and also saving a couple lives. I pretty much only agreed for the free yogurt. Going into it I knew that the odds were against me. I knew I was going to pass out, but by golly I was going to give it my best.

I was taken to a back room to have my iron tested. The finger prick, sure, I was nervous, but I was going to be okay. Then it happened... and it was not bad. In fact, my iron levels were more than exceptional. That was the height of my experience. It all went downhill from there. My pulse was being taken when the kind woman informed me that my blood pressure would be next. I looked over at the haunting machine that would soon be clutching my arm with all it's might. I thought, "that thing is LITERALLY going to kill me!" Then I hit the ground, shaking violently.

Needless to say I didn't give blood that day. I did get frozen yogurt though... and a migrane.
I did not get a card that identified my blood type.

I did want to know my blood type though, so I went online and bought a testing kit from amazon for like ten bucks! Big win.
I took the test on Wednesday, and had my finger pricked while I was lying on the floor (just for safe measure).

The results? I'm awesome. I have B+ blood which pretty much means nothing.

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