Friday, July 1, 2011

Things that are more fun than someone giving you ten bucks

Here are some things that I think are fun.
Aside from knowing Jesus, this is probably the most important things to ever know. Hugs make the world go round. Literally...ish.

And now for some Wes Anderson references.

Which movie was better? Life Aquatic or Royal Tenenbaums? I'll won't tell you which one is better. You've got four minutes and forty eight seconds or we're all dead... burnt to a crisp.

Dogs are definitely not my favorite... but raise a dog up in the way it should go... and we've got another story.
Such a good looking monocle.

I organize most things according to color. I've been called names on account of it. Smarties are no exception. You are the only exception.

This is what I dreamt last night.

And an Arrested Development reference for good measure.

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