Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nothing Better

There is something outrageous happening all around us and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who can see it. Come on, people! Open your eyes to what the world has come to!

Everything is cyclical. These days all the cool kids are wearing their grandpa's clothes and either paying way too much for it at H&M or they are paying next to nothing for it at a local thrift store. If this fashion had been the style ten years ago I would have been the coolest kid at Zach White Elementary, but instead I was just the girl that pretty much only owned overalls. Overalls, all day, e'rrday. I actually found myself missing the purple, flower, corduroy overall shorts I owned in third grade. As soon as I recognized that thought I rebuked myself in the name of skinny jeans, Toms shoes and fake glasses.

But clothing isn't even what I'm trying to get at here. What I really want to talk about is how I bought a record player for my birthday last year, then found out that my parents got rid of their vinyl collection when I was seven. They didn't ask for my input, they didn't inform me of their plans to leave them behind in the house they sold, they didn't even ask if maybe, just maybe, seventeen years down the road I might want all their Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones and Barba Streisand records. Thanks guys. But that's all in the past. All is forgiven and I've moved on. I have my own collection. Sure, it's small; sure, it doesn't have too many solid pieces in it; and sure, it probably has one or more of Justin Timberlake's masterpieces included, but it only has room to grow. It only has room for improvement...

And maybe now you're thinking, "Okay, so this is a blog about record collections." To which I would say, "Think again, Mr. Knowitall. I don't blog with THAT much structure! This isn't Mrs. Greenly's English class! This is my personal blog and I do what I want."

However, at least the point of this blog is music.

And it's the sexiest of all the music. Oh, did I say "sexy?" Sorry, I meant, "saxy."

Remember the 80's when you couldn't help but start your own private dance party whenever you heard Hall and Oates singing "Maneater?" Maybe it was George Michael that made you get your party pants on. But it's likely that you were never able to resist embarrassing yourself in front of all your friends as soon as you heard, "Who Can It Be Now" by Men at Work. If you aren't relating to anything I've said thus far, you've failed as a person and should go put on a denim vest and look up youtube videos of these songs.

All this to say, the saxophone is making a comeback. Actually, I guess I'm two years behind, because I initially started this post back in 2011, but recently I heard "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and thought, "Yeah, Elisha, go back and finish that blog! Who cares if you're two years late?! If people don't like what you wrote, give it another 20 years and it will be the coolest thing since pre-sliced lunch meat items."

If you never thought you'd meet someone with a music playlist dedicated strictly to songs with saxophones and saxophone solos in it, you never thought you'd meet me. It's not perfect by any means, but it's something. I pretty much only enjoy having said playlist because I like being able to brag on how awesome it is to have a playlist established to present the saxophone in the saxiest light possible. You can check it out on my Spotify if you're into listening to things that are the worst ever... or best ever. (Disclaimer: it's a saxophone playlist... so you know...) Also, enjoy these images.

The most extreme sports always include a little hint of saxophone.

I didn't like him. But he didn't need affirmation from people. All he needed was to go tan his super white legs... and never take a picture like that again.

 Daily mantra: Saxophone. All day, e'rrday.

This was me in middle school. They called me Elisha, the saxophone temptress forever and ever amen.

Also, enjoy Brian.

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