Saturday, July 4, 2015

Real Life Me Loves People Better than Online Me

I want to be the kind of person who is visibly excited when someone walks into the room. I want to be the kind of person who is constantly speaking highly of others. You'd probably guess that's already accurate of me based on my social media... but what happens when there's a disconnect? What happens when that character doesn't show up in the day to day of my life?

Now I'm not saying I'm a terrible person in real life. I'm not... I mean, maybe sometimes I don't live up to who I am and who I am called to be... but for the most part I'm not smiling at someone when they walk in the room then goring them in the back with a rusted railroad nail as they walk out the door.

Here's my big thought: How often does online Elisha do a better job at loving people than Elisha in person?
If I had a scale that weighed affirmation, kindness, encouragement, admiration, and adoration as vocalized online with all those things as vocalized around real people in real time, which way would that scale tip?

It is easy to talk people up on instagram… like, so easy. You take a great photo of them being super cool, you write out an awesome caption about how they’re incredible, and I totally agree, yes, they are absolutely incredible; that whole post is true. I’m not arguing that. What I am trying to point out is this… would people know you thought as highly of them without your post?

If you only ever speak highly of people on a media platform and you aren’t doing that in person you’re being ingenuous. Real life is not stored "in the cloud"… it’s happening in the right now, with other people around you. I can tell you more about who you truly are by watching your interactions with people in person than I can by your interactions with them online.

I guess what I want is to be more kind and gracious and outspoken about people in real life than I am on my phone. I want someone looking at a picture I post of a friend to already know how much I love that friend.

We are kind people and loving people, the measure is within us. I know because I've seen it in our social media lives. We know how to be encouraging and commending, so let's keep being those people all around in life.

Say it with me, "Real life me does love people better than online me."
Now, let's live up to that truth.

"Let love be genuine..." Romans 12:9

*and i just feel like I should put this in here: of course social media isn't an accurate representation of our lives... of course it's our "highlight reel" so speak... and we should all know that, but I'm not trying to say that we should alter our instagrams to match how our lives really do have lows. I'm just trying to encourage us to live up to the character we portray on that platform. when we comment or post nice things let's not forsake doing that in person too!

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Chelsea Yap said...

wow elisha. you're one incredible person with a beautiful heart. i would tell you this in real life but I'm in australia. <3